Saturday, Oct. 7

2:30pm                      Rosary Procession with Blessings/Spiritual Reflections

                                   St. Rita Church, 7100 Jefferson Highway, Harahan

4:00pm                      Opening Liturgy with Banner Procession –

                                   Fr. Steven Bruno, St. Rita Parish Pastor

                                      Music: St. Rita Adult Choir

Brigid Higgins, Director

5:00pm                      Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament begins


Sunday, Oct. 8

 7:30, 9:30, 11:30am  Parish Masses

 7:30pm                       Youth Mass – Fr. Matthew Johnston

St. Joan of Arc, LaPlace

                                     Music: St. Rita Youth Choir

Brigid Higgins, Director


Monday, Oct. 9

 12:00 Noon                Mass – Fr. Joseph Krafft

Notre Dame Seminary, New Orleans

                                        Music: St. Pius Children’s Choir

Stephanie Dureau, Director

 7:30pm                       Mass – Fr. John Restrepo, O.P.

                                                St. Dominic Parish

                                       Music: Lorraine Hess and Jamie Diliberto


Tuesday, Oct. 10

 12:00 Noon                Mass – Fr. Sidney Speaks

                                  St. Matthew the Apostle, River Ridge

                          Music: Our Lady of Perpetual Help Children’s Choir

Sr. Christella, Director

*After Mass, the children will pray the rosary and sing the meditations

 7:30pm                       Mass to Honor the Family- Most Rev. Shelton Fabre

Bishop of Houma-Thibodaux

                                   Music: St. Dominic Contemporary Choir

Beverly McSweeney, Director


Wednesday, Oct. 11

 12:00 Noon                Mass – Fr. Ken Smith

St. Rita Church, Harahan

                              Music: St. Louis King of France School Choir

Melissa Brocato, Director

1:00pm                     St. Michael’s Special School Bell Choir

Jill Hitchins, Director                                     

7:30pm                    Bilingual Mass – Fr. José Lavastida

                                  Blessed Francis Seelos, New Orleans

                                 Music: Blessed Francis Seelos Parish Choir

Alex Castillo, Director


Thursday, Oct. 12

12:00 Noon               Mass-Fr. Joseph Palermo

Notre Dame Seminary, New Orleans

                                      Music: St. Rita School Choir

Brian Fleischer, Director

  7:30pm                      Mass – Fr. Steven Bruno

St. Rita Church, Harahan

                                     Music: St. Philip Neri Choir

Patricia Neal, Director

                                    Candlelight Outdoor Eucharistic Procession

Charlie Monnot, Trumpeter


Friday, Oct. 13

12:00 Noon               Mass-Fr. Minh Phan

Notre Dame Seminary, New Orleans

                                 Music: St. Dominic Children’s Choir

Peter Elliot, Director

7:30pm                     Mass – Fr. Anthony Odiong

                                      St. Anthony Parish, Luling

                               Music: Mater Dolorosa Parish Choir

Linden Uter, Director


St. Rita Parish Weekly Masses: Monday-Friday: 7:00am and 8:30am

Sacrament of Reconciliation: One hour before each Rosary Congress Special Mass

Holy Rosary/Divine Mercy Chaplet: Hourly (except Mass times and special events)

Eucharistic Adoration: 24 hours daily with exceptions

Flower Arrangements and Donations welcome: Call (504) 508-7100

This Rosary Congress is sponsored by: NEW ORLEANS ROSARY CONGRESS

 For more information, call (504) 508-7100